Shopping Smart

Are you tired of being that girl who is constantly wearing the same outfit when going out with the girls? It’s properly because you do not have a variety of clothing to choose from because of having a lot of clothes can be expensive therefore it is wise to shop smart and save your money and still have enough clothes in your closet.

5 Ways to shop smart.

Buying at wholesalers

Instead of buying at a normal shop or online vendors. Who has added to the original price of the product in order to gain profit, why not approach the suppliers directly.
Examples of wholesalers are





The 30% rule

Form a budget for yourself and add clothing to your budget. if you take at least 30% of your income and use it to buy clothing with it or save 30% of your income for clothing every month. If your expenses are already more than consider to add an extra source of income. Click here 5 ways to make a sustainable income to give you ideas on making an extra income.

Know your style

Resist following trends and settle on wearing your own style this saves you from constantly buying from time to time. Notice that most people who dress well wear their own unique style. Find out what your style is at 12 famous styles

Be a sales hunter

Start hunting for sales, find a way to buy clothing with a discount.
Ways to hunt for sales

Be an economic sales hunter

When the economy drops prices of clothing decrease for instance at this time during the lockdown a lot of clothing shops have discounts.

Be a season’s sales hunter

When the season changes shops tends to have sales on clothing of the previous seasons in order to get rid of the previous seasons’ clothing and have space for the new seasons’ clothing. Avoid buying clothing during the festive season rather than save and buy your clothing in January where there are more sales. This does not work for people who follow trends, you have to know your style to master this method.

Hunt for 2 in 1 price

A lot of stores like this discount, such as the factory and cotton on. Shop with a friend, hunt for 2 for 1 sale, and split the price between you and your friends. With this method you have spent half or less than the original price.

Resell your clothing

Take old clothing that you do not wear anymore, but that is still in good shape and sell them on social media platforms or eBay, Olx, or other platforms and use the money to buy yourself new items of clothing. This method is best for people who love following trends and those who enjoy playing with different looks.

Do not let finances be the barrier of you always looking your best. They are multiple ways you can use for looking your best. Be bold be courageous and make your style work.


12 famous fashion styles

1.Boss lady style

This style is mostly worn as office wear. This is a respectable look that is good for a hard-working woman. This look includes muted coloured suits, appropriate dresses, mostly pencil skirts, women trousers, and shirts. This style has been taken out of the office and is not noticed as an office look only but also as a fashion statement, it has became more casual by incorporating colour and patterns into office wear.

2. African style

This is modern clothing that has African prints on them. This style includes shirts, skirts, dresses, and even suits. This style is mostly worn at weddings. Other African tribes such as the Ankara tribe, wear the African style on their day to day lives. They wear this style by wearing a normal t-shirt with a matching cloth wrapped around their waist(As a skirt).

3. Street style

This is an urban look that originated from California and has been modernized to look more fashionable. This is a versatile style that can be incorporated with other different styles.

4.Casual style

A combination of elegance and being comfortable. This style is mostly worn by many women. The style contains none exotic items that are not bold. This style is for women that love to keep things simple.

5. Rocker style

The style is versatile, depending on the genre of music. Clothing from this style is uncomfortable and tight, people who follow this style buy clothing that is smaller than their original size. It’s a dark look, even the makeup is dark. Items that are mostly worn are leather outfits, ripped jeans, and vintage t-shirts.

6.Tomboy style

This style is for a woman who does not like to wear what a woman is supposed to wear or like the idea of how a woman should look like. Women who follow this style mostly wear baggy clothes from the man’s section, they do not like colourful and girly outfits or anything lace. It’s a simple and modern look that is preferred by these women and they see this look as classy and elegant.

7. Bohemian style

This style is extravagant with wild patterns on exotic textures. It’s a mixture of the gypsy and the hippie’s look. Known as BOHO.

8. Chic style

It’s a fashion statement that is currently trending. It’s a fashion statement that aims to make one look smart. The style contains designs that are pretty and classy. This look has extravagant colours and it looks casual in a not so casual way.

9. Vintage style

This look brings back the past to the future. It’s modernized clothing that was worn during the 20s and the 70s. Clothing such as flapper dresses, pinup clothing, retro swimwear, and indie clothing.

10. Sexy style

It’s a style that aims at leashing out the best features of a woman, to attract the opposite sex. This style exposes skin as much as possible and is a tight-fitting look. This style is elegant and respectable.

11. Girly style

A feminine style, those who wear this style like clothing that is colourful with accessories. People who follow this style wear a lot of makeup. This style includes skirts, dresses, blouse, flounces, and lace.

12. Sportswear

This is the wearing of work out clothes even if you did not do any workout. It’s a new trend which is also seen as casual wear. It’s clothing that is comfortable and easy to do anything and go anywhere with. People that follow this style wear legging, tank tops sports bras, and famous brand name tracksuits.

I wear a mixture of these styles mentioned above. I can mention 3 of my favourite styles which I wear daily.

which is.

• Casual style- because I am a very simple person, And I’m a student so I like being simple at campus.
• Sexy style – I love this style because I have a party girl wild side in me and this style embraces it, and shows a more relaxed fun side of me.
• Boss lady style- I like this style because It’s a very empowering style, and it gives me confidence and a sense of belief that I’m in control.

Comment on your favourite style or your day to day style. Here on style description we would love to know.


Style_description African fashion

What is African fashion?

Clothing worn which has African traditional custom prints on the clothing. Its a representation of different tribes that form part of the nation’s dress code, these are traditional customs that a nation prides themselves with and mostly worn at formal events. African traditional prints reflect individuals’ status and the community in which they belong to.

Where does African fashion come from?

African fashion comes from old traditions and customers from our past generations. Our generational mothers slayed with traditional beads, patterns, and colors that were created by past generations and passed on to future generations.

Popular African cultural customs used today

Zulu attire

Zulu young women wear short skirts made out of grass or beaded cotton strings, This is worn with nothing on top.

As the woman gets older the more she needs to cover. A married Zulu woman wears a knee-length cowhide skirt. Over the skirts, they wear red, white and black beads. Married Zulu women should cover the breast with a beaded bra or a white vest.

Ndebele attire

It’s a traditional custom that is part of Zimbabwe and the SouthAfrican nation. Ndebele culture has a colorful traditional custom. Women wear copper and brass rings called idzille that is worn around the neck, arms and legs. The women also wear isigolwani and neck hoops, which is made of grass. When a woman gives birth to her first child she is to wear an Ijogob which is a five-finger apron.

Yoruba attire

One of the 3 ethnic groups in West Africa. Their traditional attire is mostly worn at weddings and other important events. There’s a special Yoruba cloth called the aso oke. The aso oke is used to create attires for brides, grooms and their family and friends. The bride is supposed to wear special cloth from head to toe. This attire involves a traditional wrapper (the IRO). The wrapper usually covers the bottom part of the women worn with matching a blouse called the Buba, And the matching headpiece.

Asante attire

The traditional attire is worn by the Ewe people. Ota Karban and Kwaku Ameyaw created the kente cloth by observing a spider web weaving it’s web then they learned to weave cloth. The Asante king heard of their discovery and asked them to present it to the king.

The king loved the discovery then made the cloth to be a royal cloth and named it the kente.

The cloth was only to be worn by Royalty. As time went by the kente cloth became available for everyone. The kente cloth has different patterns with a unique name for each pattern. check out this a website for pattern names and their meanings.

For more traditional customs click this website.

African fashion today

Over time these traditions and customs have been replaced with popular dress codes of these days.

Most designers have incorporated traditional patterns and colors into today’s dress codes. This act has allowed Africans to keep themselves in touch with their traditions and customs and still look modern.

What makes African fashion unique

It describes us as individuals and a community as a whole. Distinct’s us from other continents. It brings a sense of belonging. Recognizes the black nation and its beauty and lastly it units us as a nation.

Style_description will love to know about you, tell us which tribe you belong to and how do u incorporate it into your modern lifestyle. Fill it in at the comment section.

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The South African President Cyril Ramaphosa advised that “ This epidemic will pass only if we work together “. At this time style_ description will like to encourage you to stay safe and to stay clean during this sad time. Don’t forget to pray for the world at large. Remember one person can indeed make a difference. Let’s fight against convid-19 together.


Did you know that having the right top can complete your outfit?

Even on days that you do not know what to wear, a top can make up an outfit, having the right top is the right start for dressing your best in your daily life.


These are tops that are worn on a day to day basis. These are tops that are a must-have for students. These are tops that can be worn when you want to make a fashion statement and still look simple at the same time. An example of this includes:

• Tank tops

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• Printed tops

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• Plain tops

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• Strip tops

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• Crop tops

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2. Formal (work) tops

These are tops for the boss ladies and the typical working class. Formal work attire can get boring because it looks the same, in a manner that everyone expects it to be. Having a variety of tops will help you switch up your formal work attire, making you slay every day at work. These are the must-have:

• Peplum

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• poplin shirt

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• Blouse

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• Neck tee

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These are tops worn when going to an event such as, a party, date night or ladies’ night out. These are a must-have because, these tops make a great day out while going anywhere. Mostly these are your two peace tops and go well with a pair of pants or skirts. These include:

• Lace tops

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• One-arm tops

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• off shoulder tops

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• Floral tops

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• Camisole

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These go well with skirts or wide-leg pants with heels or sandals.


These are tops that set you aside from others. Tops that best describes you. I have a unique top that I wear with different outfits, as much as I can.

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Comfortability is important especially on those days when you do not feel like making an effort, but still want to look good. When you do not feel like wearing something too tight.Then these are definitely you go-to tops:

• Baggy shirts

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• Sweatshirt

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• Tank tops

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These go well with sweat pants or leggings, being comfortable is the best feeling ever.

You should at least have one of the tops mentioned in each of these categories in your closet. Always look your best. Remember, a lady always makes a effort.

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